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A Brief Introduction to the History of Taiwan Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association

When in year 1945, needs for medical products were mounting and in response to the calling where pharmaceutical manufacturers established.  At that time, there were only five in Taiwan and for the development of Taiwan pharmaceutical industry, the initiative of establishment of this association was just sprouted.

Not until year 1948, there were 24 pharmaceutical manufacturers in Taiwan; those manufacturers officially initiate this organization, “Taiwan Regional Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association”, by CHEN,TSO-LIN(陳作霖)、LIN,TE-HAN(林德翰)、HSU,TSAN-HUANG(許燦煌)、HUNG,WEN-CHU(洪文舉)、HSU,EN-TZU(許恩賜)、WU,WEN-TUNG(吳文統)、TSAI,JAN-CHIEH(蔡然捷)、LIN,LUNG-HSING(林隆興)、LI,CHAO-CHUAN(李朝泉) as preparation committee members.

July 4th in the same year, initiators’ meeting was held, constitution was passed, 1st Board of Directors and Supervisors were elected, and Mr. WU,SAN-LIEN was elected as associations’ first President.

September 21st, 1948, “Taiwan Regional Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association” was granted accreditation certificate, No. 243, by the Ministry of Interior.

April 27th, 2011, 27th first Member Representing Meeting was held and passed the proposal to change the name of the Association to “Taiwan Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association (TPMA)”; and it was approved and granted use of the official seal on May 21st, 2011.

When just established, TPMA borrowed premises of Taiwan Chemical Corp. (please refer to the real name in Chinese: 台灣化學工業製藥廠股份有限公)司as its office, and later moved to its place on Chongqing S. Rd., in Taipei City; and then again it shifted to Huaining St. (Taipei); in year 1951, it change place again to Taiwan Hsin-Yi Chemical Corp. (Please refer to the real name in Chinese: 台灣信誼化學製藥廠股份有限公司) on the Chengdu Rd., in Taipei City.

After several times of moving, by fundraising of 4th and 5th President Mr. LIN,SHIH-TSUNG(林世宗) and President WU,WEN-TUNG (吳文統) respectively and their Board of Directors and Supervisors, TPMA bought the two-story building on No.13, Ln. 53, Sec. 2, Hankou St., in Taipei City, as its association site.

Due to increase of association business, the site was too small for use; therefore, approval by 15th second Member Representing Meeting, TPMA looked for other site to expend.

Decided by the 16th first Meeting of Board Directors and Supervisors, TPMA planned to buy another new site and made another fundraising; the old site was sold and by year of 1980 in August during President TING,YU-HSIN’s (丁玉鑫) term, TPMA bought its second new site on 3F., No. 955, Dunhua S. Rd., Taipei City  (later changed address to 3F., No.267, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City).

It’s been 70 years since the development of pharmaceutical industry in Taiwan, the hardness and bitterness all the way is difficult to elaborate in detail.

However, until the end of August in 2018, number of TPMA’s manufacturer member are 234 in total (including ordinary member – 192, sponsor member – 42).  Among them, 123 are western medicine manufacturers, 49 are traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers, and 20 are active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers.

While we look back to the history of TPMA for over than 70 years, our members have worked together with our Government, cooperated with its policies, with strong leaderships from our each term of Presidents, working hands in hands with each term of Board of Directors, Supervisors, and Committees, that our association strived and sustained.  Current term of office in April, 2018, Mr. SU, TUNG-MAO (蘇東茂) is elected as Chairman, and Mr. YEH, SEN-KUEI (葉森魁) is elected as the convener of the board of supervisors.

Our Executive Yuan has been actively promoting, “Taiwan Diamond Action Plan for Biotech Takeoff”, and planned to invest a total of NT$40 billion as Taiwan Medtech Fund, and anticipated to increase the revenue of biotech, and pharmaceutical industry up to NT$260 billion in four years.

It’s obvious that our Government has listed biotech and pharmaceutical industry as our development priorities for the next stage.

At this key moment, we in pharmaceutical industry should make the best of our time, seeking for our own core values and positioning; we should carefully and strategically plan and search our operational direction.

Owing to the scale, we in pharmaceutical industry have to appropriately integrate that could lead down the investment cost, enhance connections among manufacturers, increase market competitiveness, that we have more strength in enabling Taiwan pharmaceutical industry upgrade to the next trillion dollar industry, to promote our products to other markets regionally and internationally.

We in TPMA shall continue strengthening our administrative services, providing information in good quality, to facilitate pharmaceutical manufacturing development in its all-around, to create a better environment for us all.


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